Flood Insurance

Waterproof your Home

Our agents at (*Agency Name*) can help protect your home and valuables with a flood insurance policy. The damage caused by floodwaters can ruin your home, your belongings and your sense of security. These damages can add up to devastating financial losses. Now, is the best time to consider how you will protect your home in the event flooding occurs.The two types of coverage that flood insurance provides are building coverage and contents coverage.

Building/Structural Coverage – This means the actual structure and foundation of your home is covered. This also includes electrical and plumbing systems, appliances, carpet, and more.

Personal Property Coverage – Good news- your stuff is covered too! Personal belongings like clothes, furniture, curtains, artwork, and other important possessions are protected.

We can help tailor a quality flood insurance policy for your specific needs and budget. Do not wait until there is a risk of flooding before purchasing flood insurance. A policy will not take effect immediately after purchase. Talk to a team member today or use our simple quote form below to get started!

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